With the invention of tubular skylights, you can have natural lighting and almost every room of the house. Tubular skylights can be installed in almost every possible type of ceiling, you could ever imagine.

I would like to give you three tips for installing tubular skylights in your home. I will try to save you some of the frustration that I have had to deal with over the years, when installing these in my client’s houses. Let’s get started.

1. The most important thing and the biggest problem for anyone who is installing these skylights is to make sure that you do not cut the roof or ceiling in the wrong place. Make sure that you double check and even triple check these locations before you start to cut the openings. Make sure that the new tubular skylight opening miss all wood framing members, this would include all ceiling joist and roof rafters.

2. You can save yourself a lot of grief and I mean a lot of grief, if you could just read the instructions. Before any of you know it alls start, what would it hurt to lay the pieces of the tubular skylight out and to quickly go over the instructions? You could actually learn something in the process. I repeat, make sure that you read the directions. This could eliminate a couple of problems that you might run into during the process.

3. Make sure that you seal the roofing correctly. This is one of the biggest problems for anyone who doesn’t have any experience installing tubular skylights. If you need more information on how to properly seal around these skylights, you could always purchase a book on roof repairs.

These three things seem to create problems for most novice do it yourself, construction professionals. You guys know who you are, so pay attention, learn, and pass on what you have learned to others.

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