Once relegated to the rural countrysides of France, and specifically the region of Provence, French Country decor has become one of the leading styles when it comes to interior decorating.  French Country furniture, of course, is the key element in this style. 

French country furniture is usually made of cherry, pine, or walnut.  These woods, especially the latter two, were widely available and cheaper woods for the rural French to obtain, and are best to showcase the French country style. 

The quintessential French Country piece is the kitchen table.  French country decor often starts in the kitchen, in the tradition of the large farmhouse cooking areas that were always a vital part French peasant life.  The French Country kitchen table is a centerpiece to the room first because of its size, which is very large, with plenty of seating.  The “bigness” of the table is not limited only to its area, but in its styling.  French country tables feature bold, chunky center pedestals (usually seen on a round table) or sturdy legs that support a hefty tabletop.  The French Country table evokes a feeling of strength and stability, something that, like the farmland passed from generation to generation, will be around for a long time to come.  Large armoires are another traditional French country piece. These pieces are a beautiful foundation for any bedroom, but can be used throughout the house for storage or even as replacements for entertainment centers.  Armoires and tables, as all French Country furniture, will be distressed.  This is a worn look achieved through physical sanding, pounding, and marring, or through the use of applied chemicals and paint.

French country furniture is prized for its casual and yet traditional look.  Motifs that would be associated with farm life are important to French Country style. These include roosters, wheat, berries, and other symbols that may be seen in accent pieces or may be carved into the furniture itself.  Fabrics, wallcoverings, paints, and woven rugs are all used to soften the imposing size of French Country furniture.

The influence of the French Country style is unmistakable when browsing any home decorating magazine, website, or style book.  French Country furniture is the centerpiece of this style, and can help to beautify any home. 

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