I have a wooden house. Well, now Id better say that I had it. I inherited it from my grandparents and I have to admit that I didnt visit it very often for about 5 years. It is too far from the place where I actually live.
Last autumn I finally came here with my children and the first thought that came to my mind when I saw it was: God, why I forgot about this place, why I didnt care for it? Wood turned gray. That was the saddest thing this gray wood. It had such a warm colour when I was a child. I really loved this place.
I knew I had to do something with the house. I thought that I dont want to paint it; I didnt know what I actually wanted to do with it. I talked about it to my neighbour, who was a friend of mine in childhood and he told me that my house can be turned into a stone house, if I wanted to. I wanted and he took me to a tile store, which is located in Austin, Texas.
With help of my neighbour and the salesman I chose the tiles that now cover walls of my house. It looks exactly as if it would be made from stone. To renew the house even more, I bought the glass tiles from this store in Austin and the floor covering tiles.
Soon after the repair in the house was finished, my husband came to see us. He has seen this house only on photos before and he was very pleased with the way we changed the house. My husband has his business in the field of house improvement business and he knows a lot about stores like the Dollar Tiles. We went there together in order to buy some staff for further renovation of the house. He was completely stunned when he saw that such a huge variety of travertine, slate, tiles is available at a store in Austin, Texas. He met the owner of the store that day. The owner made a discount for us and welcomed us in Austin.
We have completely renewed our old wooden house. Im sure my grandmother and my grandfather would be very happy to see what their cute house looks like now. By the way, after this entire repair, the house costs much more than it did cost year ago. But it does not matter to us we are going to come here often. My childhood friend is my friend again. And my husband made friends with owner of the tile store in Austin.

The travertine Austin tiles includes tiles which are made from stones like calcite and also some types of marble. Travertine Austin tiles is a little bit expensive because a lot of processing is required for it.