Street paparazzi are known as amateur “hunters” seeking Hollywood stars. However, in order to get nice captures of brilliant stars, street paparazzi have to overcome lots of difficulties, even they can become the victims of their “preys”. Despite this, our amateur “hunters” attend the fight as brave soldiers to achieve nice photos. Here are the images of Hollywood stars and street paparazzi in the exciting fight.



Look at the hand gesture of Megan Fox when facing to face with paparazzi on street. It’s not polite, is it?


Katie Price use her umbrella as a weapon, very useful!


…and she hide her face also by umbrella.


When the Pop Princess gets angry!


It’s ridiculous that “mean girl” Lilo is attacked


Even, Jude Law fights against female paparazzi


Justin does not seem to be more patient.


Lily Allen- the “Lion” of Hollywood attacked the hunters


The witch Amy Winehouse does not mind of fight against street paparazzi








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