There are several essential feng shui tips that one can heed to when buying a house. One of the very first tips is location. The position of your house in a certain area does affect your stay. If your ideal home is situated in a good position, protect it with shrouding exquisite landscapes. A house positioned at the end of a crossroad is never a good choice. More often than not, a house landed on this spot is stormed with energy as roads are streams of energy which could potentially be sources of problems for inhabitants.
Then, beware of the stairs locating opposite the front door inside the house if you wish to purchase a house with high prosperity essence. A staircase constructed at such position is believed to be a channel for energy to flow out from the house, being a major influence towards your wealth, health and new business opportunities. If you love the house to bits but the staircases position is disturbing then hang a crystal between the stairs and the door, keeping an artwork on the stairwell and add a mirror on top of the stairs.
Another issue that homebuyers should look out is the movement of energy. When buying a house, of course you wish that your new home would bring you brighter future but a house without proper energy flow will form a barrier that blocks away your objectives, leaving you with no life goals. Excessive energy can be problematic but a immobile energy can be very unpleasant as well. To overcome such a hindrance, you can use banners or wind-chimes, plant trees or bright-colored flowers to increase the movement of the area.
Speaking of energy, it is rather difficult for good energy to penetrate into a house, worst if your entrance is below street level. If you really must buy this house, integrate some accent lighting to lighten up the front. This action is deemed to be able to lift the energy. If you happen to purchase a house with the bathroom situated in the center, you can utilize the element of earth to ease the negative effect. You can install a ceramic tile or hanging photos of landscapes. This is because a bathroom in the center of a house can drain out energy, causing the inhabitants to experience constant lethargy.

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